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Our intended mission is to provide an increased effort to preserve our natural habitats and indigenous animal species.  Our approach is to provide leadership in education with live events and social media.  In addition, we raise needed funds for research and existing animal hospitals throughout the Carolinas and the Southeastern United States.


Why?  Habitats are shrinking, species are dying out endangered and/or threatened.  It’s my belief that most people want for all species to survive and thrive in nature.  It’s also my belief that we want the most of life for our future generations.  Losing entire species from the face of the Earth is predominantly thought of as a tragedy.  The tragic end of entire species should be and, in most cases, can be prevented.  The problem is primarily due to human encroachment.  From a realistic perspective, we cannot stop human expansion.  However, I believe we can be smarter about our expansion and absolutely more caring and responsible for the environment around us.

About Caitlyn Howell

As the founder of the organization, my personal life experiences have inspired me to do more in my home area of Charlotte, North Carolina.  I was born in Encinitas, California in San Diego County.  This region prides itself on beautiful beaches and care for the environment.  I have been blessed to have been able to visit the Hawaiian Islands on several occasions.  The Hawaiian culture also relies upon caring for the land and all the indigenous creatures. These areas have a cultural uniqueness that I’d like to expand into the Southeastern United States.  California and Hawaii are far from perfect, but I found that the mindset of truly caring for the environment and the creatures that depend upon it are significantly greater than what I’ve experienced in the Carolinas.  This is changing for the better and this organization can help.

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