Our Goals

  1. Get people to stop dumping crap everywhere.  The waterways lead to the ocean. Ocean creatures (birds, turtles, fish) have all been determined to be suffering from congesting plastics. Autopsies have been performed on selected cadavers and often plastics are still lodged within the deceased creatures.  Society has developed proper ways of disposing all of our waste properly, so that nothing really bleeds into the environment.  So why do we consistently see garage along roadways, creeks, streams and beaches?

  2. Reduce the use of disposable plastics.  Realizing that banning all plastics is not realistic, we need to move toward using less for disposable 1-time use products.  These products would include plastic straws, plates, cups, water bottles, other beverage bottles and shopping bags.  All of these products can be manufactured using biodegradable materials (understandably at a greater cost).

  3. Keep the beaches clean- Education and leadership in cleaning the beaches shall be an ongoing battle until every person knows to properly care for the coastal and waterways areas.

  4. Improve the approach to commercial fishing – The most destructive waste found in the oceans are arguably the nylon nets and excess fishing lines that are simply dumped overboard or cut and left behind by the fishing industry.  This area needs greater assistance from our elected officials that have actual influence over industry regulation. 

  5. Protect the Sea Turtles.  Several organizations are working diligently to preserve nesting sites of Sea Turtles.  Additional education must constantly been promoted so that all beach-goers are knowledgeable on what to do when nests are discovered or hatchlings are spotted.

Beach Cleanup Project

Creek Cleanup Project

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